Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh, Yes. We are Still Here.

Grandma Kim & Ava at a volleyball game
  Ava continues to grow and change. Although she has had the typical viral illnesses over the past few months, her major issues have been stable. Nothing serious has happened, such as adverse changes to her heart or digestive system. She struggles a bit at school, but continues to progress. Her vocabulary is quite good and she is able to converse fairly easily with anyone she meets. "Grandma Kim, do you like octagons? Are they your favorite shapes?"

It's so scary when your child (or grandchild, in my case) receives the WS diagnosis. Part of you wants to believe that your child will be the exception, that maybe someone made a mistake. Part of you worries that your child will be the worst-case scenario. Usually, however, things are never as good or bad as you might expect. I would say that Ava falls somewhere in the middle. She exhibits many typical features of the classic WS profile. Yet, in many ways, she is so unique. She is loving and kind and I wouldn't change a thing about her. She is such a joy.

My goal is to update this blog at least quarterly. Since Facebook became the go-to place to meet up with fellow WS families I kind of let the blog fall to the wayside, but I remember back in those dark days right after Ava's diagnosis I found so many precious friends through blogs. Those friends were so helpful and supportive. My hope is that others will find us the same way. I keep this blog open to all for that reason.

I hope to hear from all of you. Happy Spring!


Ava at Red Barn Photography

Christmas 2011

Grandma Friend and Ava on Easter 2012

Ava after her Spring Concert performance at Oakview Elementary

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masliza said...

Hi Kim, I'm Masliza, a mother of 3 boys. My 3rd boy has WS. He is now 1yr 8mos. We live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I link your blog in mine. Thanks for sharing lovely pics of Ava.