Thursday, August 17, 2006

She has to dance!

I visited Ava tonight after work. I love that girl!!!! After work there is nothing better than her contagious smile to erase all the garbage that I have carried around all day. This kid has an electric smile, no kidding. Huge grin, crinkly eyes, and a total-body wiggle that lets you clearly see that she's happy to see you! I think she equates my visits with her chance to dance. OT says that Ava needs to have lots of tummy time, crawling practice, and must sit, not stand. Unfortunately, Ava's favorite activity in the whole world is standing up and rocking from side to side--DANCING! I just cannot make that girl sit when she so obviously has the music in her--She has to dance. WS kids are known to have an affinity for music. Some have actually become very accomplished performers. I think Ava is headed in that direction, for sure. And if I and her other grandparents have our way, she will have every opportunity to enjoy the music that she so obviously feels in her soul.

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