Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Minor Rant

It's been over two years since Ava was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. I like to think I have made my peace with it and moved on. Still, once in a while I am reminded that our little one has to work ever so hard to master tasks that are so simple for other children.

Ava loves to toddle on the sidewalk, all the way to the end-turn around-and do it all over again. Unfortunately, the poor baby doesn't dare to look down while walking. It makes me sad that she gets stuck on a benign crack in the sidewalk. She gets visibly agitated and cries. It's a simple fix. Pick her up, move her past the crack, and she's good to go. Visuospatial issues, indeed. And what missing gene is responsible for my granddaughter having to walk as carefully as someone who is 80 years old?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Change of Plans

Yesterday I felt an enormous weight on my shoulders. Things have been really hard lately, both at home and at work. I wanted to post something about what's going on, but I was too drained and weepy to write. I'm glad I waited.

Laura called me at lunch time today.

"Guess what your granddaughter did today!" ( I knew right then Ava was in trouble)

It seems Miss Ava had a lovely bath today. Unfortunately, she was so relaxed that-you guessed it-she, um, pooped in the tub. Now really, that isn't so bad. Except that she stuck it in her mouth, smiled, and exclaimed,

I booped!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

She's on the charts!

Ava weighed in at 23 lbs., 10 oz. today. She measured 35" tall. That puts her
just under the 5th percentile for weight, and somewhere between the 60th and
65th for height!

Good job, Ava!