Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Minor Rant

It's been over two years since Ava was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. I like to think I have made my peace with it and moved on. Still, once in a while I am reminded that our little one has to work ever so hard to master tasks that are so simple for other children.

Ava loves to toddle on the sidewalk, all the way to the end-turn around-and do it all over again. Unfortunately, the poor baby doesn't dare to look down while walking. It makes me sad that she gets stuck on a benign crack in the sidewalk. She gets visibly agitated and cries. It's a simple fix. Pick her up, move her past the crack, and she's good to go. Visuospatial issues, indeed. And what missing gene is responsible for my granddaughter having to walk as carefully as someone who is 80 years old?


Katie said...

It hits home in those moments,just how unfair it all is.
I didnt realise she was walking!? I must have missed that post - So a belated Well done Ava!

Julie said...

I try to stay positive but we all get frustrated from time to time. I think it is only normal. Noah is struggling with the same issues right now.

ccomfort said...

Thank you for your lovely posts. I have a 20-year-old daughter with WS who is attending community college, had a long-term boyfriend and is waiting to hear about her application to a transition program at UCLA. I do hope you and your family will be able to join us in CA for the 2008 Williams Syndrome convention!
Carol (mom to Heidi)

Tes said...

Thank you for your blog. I know as parents we feel for our children but I appreciate you speaking for the Grandparents out there and verbalizing how feel for you children AND your grandchildren. I no longer have my parents and it is very hard not to have them here.
Lila experienced the same issues especially transitioning from grass to sidewalk, carpet to tile etc. she adapted after a while and now she is in glasses (3rd pair). Runs around like a mad woman.

Nancy said...

I remember that about Erik. He ran into toys on the ground, and it was hard to watch. He could barely make it over the metal strip in the door at school.

Trust me -- She will adapt in the next couple of years, and you will *almost* forget about this. Erik did.

Tara said...

You're so right - everytime I see Payton struggling with stairs or uneven surfaces it just breaks my heart.

Laura said...

Michaela sometimes still has struggles with transitioning to certain surfaces or "seeing" different surfaces--it's that visual-spatial stuff.

Heather said...

I know. It is so unfair.
Caleb used to run into/over everything in his path. He would set his sights on something and not take his eyes off. He was so clumsy. That does improve, but he is still very cautious going down hills or stairs.

Kim, I made my page private, but didn't have your email. If you send it to me, I can send you an invite if you wish.