Saturday, December 16, 2006

She's a Big Girl Now

Our baby girl is growing up. She will be one year old December 21. It's been quite a ride!

Ava can clap her hands, sit up, sleep (almost) all night, and light up your world with her pretty smile. It seems she is in a growth spurt now, and is filling out her 12-months clothing pretty well. She is so minute she's wrapping her little arms around you and planting a slobbery kiss. The next she looks you in the eyes and says, "Arrrgh!", hoping for your pseudo-terrified reaction. Grandma Geri taught her that trick!

Ava is learning about speech. One night I offered her a choice between her bottle and her pacifier. Lo! and behold...she reached out for her bottle and said, "Ba-ba". I KNOW she knew what she was saying. Also, I heard her trying to say "Papa". She stretched her bottom lip up over her top lip and blew air to make the "p" sound. Needless to say, Papa is gonna love that one!

I have been working out of town for the last couple of months, so I can't stop in to visit Ava everyday. Sometimes I miss her so much it hurts. She never fails to brighten my mood. After Christmas I will not be traveling anymore, thank God! Life just isn't fun without my daily Ava-fix:-(

Here are some recent pictures for you to enjoy. The date stamp on them is incorrect. All were taken recently. I will be posting more goodies soon. Until then, be healthy and happy!


Anonymous said...

Isn't my little Ava such a doll?!
I love my Ava Mae :)


Kerry said...

WOW! She's is doing great!! SHe can clap and sit up? That's FABULOUS!!! You must be psyched!!!

The pics are so adorable - I love her Xmas one!!

Have a good weekend!

Nancy said...

YAAAAAAY! More photos of Ava! She is doing great!

I missed you (poutie face).

Lisa R said...

Love the pics...yes Laura your Ava is such a doll :) So glad you finally had a chance to post I love heraring Ava updates :)

Teresa & Shawn said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Ava!