Friday, January 26, 2007

It's All About Ava!

Here are some new pics for you to enjoy. Isn't she just precious? And her momma is so pretty.

It seems like Ava is changing so much these days. She is eating stage2 foods very well, not needing as much formula, and sleeps at night with just a quick wakeup for a drink. Not bad, considering. The poor baby is trying so hard to learn to crawl, but she just can't get it yet. Still not much to report on her language skills. Again, she is working on it. Her personality, however, is in full bloom! She is so funny. She certainly loves her people, especially her mommy. But let's face it...what's not to love?

I have had a such an aversion to writing lately. I think part of it is reading all those list-serv messages depresses me so much that I don't even want to THINK about Williams Syndrome. I prefer to live in my own delusional world where Ava is perfect. When I think about all the things that are "wrong" this pervasive sadness takes over and then I have a hard time shaking it off. And I am only a grandma; I can't imagine what it would be like if I were the parent and had to take on such overwhelming responsibility. I applaud all of you! Anyway, I love all of you so don't give up on me yet!


Sharon Ullman said...

Hi Kim,

Although I don't have time to read all of your posts, I skimmed through a bunch of them. What a beautiful family you have and a neat blog! What a fun Grandma you must be!

We have a daughter with Ws, and although she isn't "typical," we tend to think she IS perfect. We have five older children and although Angelina was quite unexpected, she brings amazing joy to all of us.

My best to you and your wonderful family!

Sharon in Boise (Mom to Angelina who will be three in March, twins Melody and Michael 7, Kelly 17, Kevin 19 and Emily 20)

Kerry said...

What great pics - love Ava's smile :)

I agree with the list-serv depression and I only skim through it once in awhile. BTW, you're not delusional - Ava IS perfect. Look how much joy she brings you - look at that smile and how much joy she brings others. If that ain't perfect... :)

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for sharing the photos! And thank you for your friendship.

The Nancenator

Gina said...

Ava has the most B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L smile. I too need to avoid opening many of the list serve e-mails or it gets too overwhelming. But I must say I have found so much support and help there also.Just focus on little Ava and how much joy she brings..... she is simply adorable!
Gina(Mom to Frankie,Tommy, and Gianna)

Kati said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures!!! Ava becomes cuter every week!
Like you, I don't want to think about ws, sometimes I have success, sometimes not. A few monts ago mainly I didn't have success, nowadays I try to forget Szabi has ws. it is a kind of self-bluff, but I need it for the survival :))))))

Love, Kati

Love, Kati

Lisa R said...

Very Cute pictures I love the one with Mom that is one for hte wall :)

Nicole said...

Wow, Ava is gorgeous. I love the new pictures!! I also agree with the listserve depression. I really tend to pick and choose what I read about. If the topic is much older than relates to Emerson I skip it. I will focus on her current needs worry about the rest when it comes up. Great hearing from you!!

Sandy said...

Greeting Kim,

I too am a grandmother of a ws kiddo. Cole is 23 months and is also perfect!!!! I get depressed reading the ws listserve sometimes also but we are all in this whirlwind together. If you want to email me personally, please do so.

Sandy nana to Cole

Anonymous said...

My again, I ment to say I just got back from Kentucy w/drs. Morris and Mervis. Email me with your questions.

Sandy nana to Cole

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that smile is precious. Love it!!! Both Ava and Laura are absolutely beautiful!