Friday, June 15, 2007


Life goes on. The thank you cards have been sent, dishes returned to their owners, offers of help politely refused. When friends ask, "How are you?", we all reply, "Fine", and sometimes we mean it. But still there is that emptiness, that nagging ache that won't go away. Except when Ava is visiting.

Last weekend Justin, Laura, and Ava spent the weekend with us. It was just what I needed. My girl is so full of love that I simply cannot dwell on the negative. She gets so excited to see me that she just wiggles all over. She is almost 18 months old and I still get breathless at the sight of her. She puts her little hands on either side of my face, plants a sloppy kiss, and then wraps her arms around my neck. Is there anything better? I don't think so. I love her so much.

Update: Ava can drink from a straw! She loves the taste of caesar salad. She can eat almost anything you put in front of her, including cat food. (And Harold the cat is not happy about THAT!) She is crawling very well, and does that climb-your-leg thing if you don't pick her up. It seems that every day she is learning something new. And all of us are loving every minute of it.

I want to thank all of you for your kind words, support, and prayers after Charlie's death. It meant so much to me. I haven't had the emotional strength or energy to comment on your blogs lately, but I am becoming more engaged in the world around me every day. One thing I have to add: If any of you have family members who are depressed, or if you feel that way yourself, please ask for help. Each of us is important to someone, more than we know. For information on suicide or depression, please visit


Nancy said...

Healing takes time, plain and simple. It helps to have Ava-Girl around, too. :)

I'm happy to see a new post and photos, too. Keep us updated when you feel the urge.

Love you

Kerry said...

I echo Nancy... take your time. Keep Ava around! :) She certainly brightens the day :)

Every minute counts.... said...

You take all the time that you need. I am glad to hear from you though. I agree with the other's see Ava as much as you can. Her smile will help you see that things will get better and there is love all around you.


Aspen said...

There is no time table set for how long it should take to heal. Take your time, take it one day at a time. We will still be around and will continue to check up on you.

It is great to see the new post and the new pictures of Ava. She is just so precious. Great updates as well!


Lisa R said...

Kids always make you feel better....why to go with the progress Ava...ZI think her little bud Tatum is right behind her, those two ladies together would be a trip....Glad your back ya know I'm always only a email away :)

Teresa & Shawn said...

We're still keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, Kim.

Ava sounds like she is doing just fantastic!