Monday, November 19, 2007

Pie and Gratitude

My favorite holiday will be here in three short days. Every year I take a few private moments to ponder those things for which I am grateful. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to create even a short list, because 2007 has taken some devastating twists and turns. I, and my family, have faced death, disability, financial problems, and loss. Yet, we always seem to muddle through, usually stronger and wiser. The following are a few of my blessings:
  • My neighbor, Gwen. She is kind and thoughtful and always willing to lend an ear. We meet over burning leaf piles, cross paths with our lawn mowers, and share great kid stories. What would I do without her?
  • My mom, Fran. Always each other's right hand gal. We take care of each other in many ways. Whether it's a listening ear or twenty bucks until payday, we are there for each other.
  • My children, Justin and Dominick. They are opinionated, strong people who never cease to amaze me.
  • Laura. My almost-daughter-in-law, mommy to Ava. I love that girl's sweetness and total dedication to my granddaughter. She never gives up. She's realistic about Ava's limitations, but she is determined that Ava will have every opportunity to grow and learn.
  • My friend, Geneva. Faced with infertility, she and her husband adopted FOUR special needs siblings. In addition, she manages a very successful home business, home schools her children, cares for her elderly mother, and is a home improvement guru. She installed her own satellite dish, garage door opener, dishwasher, sink, faucet, tile, and suspended ceilings. She is an expert seamstress, grows a beautiful garden, and preserves those same fruits and vegetables. Once I visited her and found her at the clothesline, skinning a rooster! Oh, yes. He was picking on the hens, so she killed him, skinned him, cleaned him, and cooked him for dinner. Geneva is my hero!
  • My job. I know I complain quite regularly, but I am truly blessed to have steady employment. Michigan is in dire straits these days. Anyone who has a job and health insurance is lucky indeed.
  • Ava, my beautiful Ava! Always in my heart, every minute of every day. She gives love so freely. She can light up a room with her smile. She suffers without complaint and gives so much more than she takes.
  • My blogging friends. Your kind words, knowledge, and valuable advice get me through the tough times like nothing else can.
  • Our American soldiers. No matter what your opinions about the war, these young men and women sacrifice so much for our country. Give them a shout out at LetsSayThanks
  • PUMPKIN PIE. My mom makes the most delicious pumpkin pie. Just the right combination of flaky crust, sweetness, and spice--with a huge dollop of whipped cream. Oh yeah, life is GOOD!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Julie said...

It sounds like you have alot to be thankful for.

Kerry said...

How wonderful to remember all the GOOD things in your life :)

Amy said...

I think we are defined by the company we keep, your company sounds amazing and faithful, how blessed you are and they in return to have you as their mother, daughter, friend and grandma.

Tara said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I enjoy reading lists like this - it helps remind me how much I have to be thankful for. Enjoy your turkey day :)

Ava Jewel Leilana said...

What a wonderful list, may it keep growing. Wish you and your loved ones a happy thanksgiving.

Laura said...

Such a wonderful list, so many things to be thanful for.
Wishing you and your beautiful family a happy Thanksgiving.

MY LIFE said...

gor blimmy what a lot of terrific friends and family you have.happy holidays sharon&yasmin x

Every minute counts.... said...

I love your list. I think we are all blessed to get your input into our lives. Thank you!

And I will comment on the last post does most definalty stink! I hate that our kids have to go through so much. I see the anxiety getting much worse in Abi and I can only hope that some of it will pass as the holidays and excitement that comes with it passess too. As much as I love the holidays ,anymore...I dread them. My poor baby is an emotional wreck!!