Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Michaela's on my mind

I need a favor. I would like every person who reads this post to say a quick prayer for Michaela, a sweet young girl with WS who has been dealing with some serious health issues recently. If you don't pray, at least keep her in your thoughts. Michaela's mom has been very supportive of all of us; it's time to return the favor.

Be well, Michaela!

I borrowed Michaela's art from her mom's blog. You can visit her here to leave encouraging messages.


Penny said...

That is so sweet.

Julie said...


Laura said...

You are SO incredibly sweet.
Thank you, thank you sooooo much for your thoughts and prayers, they mean so much.....I know they're helping!

Tara said...

Adorable picture. I'm worried about Michaela too.....definitely keeping her in mythoughts and prayers.

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Kim, you are so kindhearted, I will keep Michaela and her family as of yours all so in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope all is well and I liked the cartoon below!