Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Did I ever mention that tube feeding is a pain in the you-know-what?

It was just a matter of time. Ava sorta-kinda accidentally removed her feeding apparatus in the bathtub Sunday night. Because she was never given a MicKey button, a trip to the hospital was necessary. Laura tried to get a catheter into the stoma to keep it open, but it just wouldn't go. You would think that six months post-op it wouldn't close so quickly, but it did.

Mott Children's Hospital is approximately two hours from Ava's house. Laura's mom transported Laura and Ava to the hospital so that Justin could go to work (graveyard shift, yuck!). Long story short, they all spent the night in the ER and Miss Ava was just miserable. She did get a MicKey button, but it's too big and protrudes several inches from her tummy.

Wanna bet she pulls this one out, too?


Julie said...

Oh my!! I hope she leaves it alone.

Tara said...

Poor thing! Oh man, I hope she doesn't pull this one out.

Every minute counts.... said...

My niece has pulled her mickey button out, thankfully not on my watch :) I just freak out thinking about it !
I really hope Ava does leave it alone.

Penny said...

Oh my gosh. I hope this one ends up okay. Thinking of you both

Laura said...

I hope she's doing well with the Mickey button.
She's a hot ticket, that one. I just get such a kick out of hearing the stories of these little spunky girls.....they all sound sooooo much like Michaela at that age!