Friday, August 25, 2006

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

Is it just me, or is HTML a secret code that the average person cannot hope to crack? I have been trying to format my posts in an attractive, easy-to-read fashion. Ain't happenin'. I am hopping around from browser to browser trying to make things work. AARRRGH! All my pretty italics, bolded items, paragraph breaks...GONE. I have checked out every help page I can find. Still ain't happenin'. Okay, I am obviously no "spring chicken". I wasn't raised on technology. I learned to type on an IBM Selectric typewriter...had to use and eraser with a brush on the end to correct mistakes. My first car had only an AM radio, but I did purchase an FM converter so I could listen to some decent tunes while cruising Main Street on Saturday night. My high school yearbook devoted an entire page to our one and only "computer terminal". Yep, the "terminal" was in its own room in the library with a sign on the door that actually said "COMPUTER TERMINAL". 'Cause no one would have known what it was without a sign. HOWEVER, I usually can manage to get around on this machine without too much trouble. SO WHY CAN'T I MANAGE TO FORMAT THESE POSTS??? If anyone knows where I can look for some advice will you please send me a link?


Lisa R said...

You are getting it :) I must say Blogger has a mind of it own. For me it has just been trial and error. If you need help I can try drop me a email and I'll see if I can do anything, although I am not so good at it either.

Lisa R said...

Laura and Kim, I would love to swap stories...Laura I bet we have stuff in common, the girls are very close in age...Please email me anytime :)