Tuesday, October 31, 2006

She loves me!

Good news! Ava spent the weekend with me. I do believe she is crazy about me! As you may have guessed, it's a mutual attraction. She is starting to give hugs--arms around the neck, head on the shoulder hugs! I can't even put into words the effect those hugs have on me, heck, on all of us. It's like a full-body sigh. Aaaaaaahhhhh.

We discovered something else. Ava has developed the ability to experience empathy. Dominick and I pretended to cry, just to see what she would do. Sure enough, her bottom lip stuck out and you could tell she was on the verge of tears. Amazing. To top it all off, I was playing a Carrie Underwood CD and snuggling with her (Ava, not Carrie!), and she started to whimper at "Jesus, Take the Wheel"! Our baby has a sensitive soul. Or else she just doesn't like country music?

It is really becoming apparent that Ava has very little interest in children. Our little neighbor girl, Makiah, came to visit this weekend. She loves babies. Ava wouldn't even look at Makiah, but was nuts about Makiah's mom. It's like children don't even exist for her. Kind of flattering if you are the adult, but what do we do about it when she starts school? I really don't know what to expect. Laura met Madison, who also has WS, recently and Madison's mom said that she had no interest in kids, either. She still doesn't have many friends in her age group. Adults are another story..she loves 'em all. Excessively. I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I was revisiting my WS literature recently. Ava has so many of the signs and symptoms. Clinodactyly, sunken chest, SVAS et al, hammer toes, strabismus, long philtrum, full lips, turned up nose, starry eyes, digestive and feeding issues, poor gross and fine motor skills. Thank God she doesn't have hyperacusis or hypercalcemia. Some days I can barely wrap my brain around WS. I just can't understand how such a tiny deletion can be responsible for so many physical issues and then bless a child with such a beautiful, loving personality. Maybe I'll never understand. I guess in the end it really doesn't matter. I love Ava so much that NOTHING else matters!

I have some pictures for y'all, but blogger is being really stubborn and, well, you know how it goes.


Nancy said...

Erik doesn't like other kids, for the most part, either, although he smiles at them occasionally. He would much rather be around adults. They are old, sensitive souls. He does okay in his special ed class but only if the other kids keep it down.

I can't wait for more pictures!

Nance xoxox

Lisa R said...

Time spent with grandma is always the best...for everyone involved:)

Blogger has a photo complex lol

Teresa & Shawn said...

Clare loves to give hugs, and they are the best hugs. I love them and cherish them! (Especially since Jamie doesn't give random hugs anymore.) Enjoy your sweet baby!

Jean said...

Actually, I remember my friend asking me if I'll still like old people when I am one (understand, this was 20 years ago, at least), since I've always been drawn to older people. I've driven for Meals on Wheels for 31 years now and have made good friends with the oldsters I've delivered to. Hmmmm. If our grandkids don't like kids, maybe they can find old folks they DO like! Erik is a favorite of his therapist and makes a big impression at school. Maybe he'll be teacher's pet...
Isn't it scary, this untravelled route we're taking. I was going to say how I love having another grandmother involved.. but I won't, as you'll think I'm considering you another old person I'm relating to!
Aren't we lucky to be able to be there for our daughters, and for our grandkids. Erik is the light of my life.

Erik's gramma