Tuesday, November 07, 2006

They're Here!

Ava has two teeth! We thought they would never arrive, but two of the little devils sprouted last week. Laura discovered them by accident when Ava decided to bestow a slobbery kiss on her, and Bam! that hurt! She is going to look just adorable when they grow a little. We think maybe it was my mom's promise of a big steak that finally convinced Ava to get busy. Unfortunately, the poor kid also got a fever, runny nose, and cough to go along with her pearly whites. Nobody rides for free, huh?

We did have a little excitement over the weekend. My ex-husband, Dan, finally decided it was time to meet his granddaughter. Yep, 10 months old and she had yet to be introduced. Funny how folks have different priorities. Anyway, Ava just kind of looked at him as if to say, "I'm sorry..have we met?" My brain says it's a great thing that Ava gets to know her "other" grandpa, but my heart is hard. Where the hell was he when I was calling constantly to update him on her condition when we truly thought she would die???? There was a point when she was in the hospital that I literally thought I would never stop crying. No kidding, it was brought to my attention by a "friend" at work that I should think about Ava on my "home time" and just concentrate on work during my "work time". Yeah, right. The poor baby's colon protruded out of her body looking for all the world like a piece of raw meat.

I need to remember that the people who love and care for Ava are right here where we belong. And we ain't going anywhere!

I really want to post some links to other websites and blogs on here but sadly, I don't know how. Please help me, or I will have to ask my 13 year old son. And he already thinks I am from another planet.

Until next time, be well everyone!

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Nancy said...

Wow -- is she ever cute! Thanks for posting a couple more photos. I love seeing them!

As for Dan -- I am always surprised to find out people act that way. Whatever the motive was behind his behavior (fear?), I'm sorry he wasn't there when it mattered most. That sucks.

Congratulations to Ava on her brand new choppers. Erik tried his out on human flesh a handful of times before moving on to another delightful activity (like standing on our feet in his orthotics -- ouch). I was still really happy to see them. His first tooth came in on Mother's Day, and I was so proud.

Kiss that baby for me.