Monday, February 19, 2007


When my babies were born I loved them with everything I had. I lotioned and powdered, did the photo sittings, attended preschool graduations...You all know the drill. I love both of them just as much today. But I have to tell you, ladies, there is NOTHING that can compare to being a grandma. If it is at all possible I love Miss Ava Mae more than life itself. That child has taken hold of me. She is ALWAYS with me whether I am at work, driving down the road, whatever. She is there. Doesn't matter that she is not "normal". That little girl's hugs and kisses and smiles help me remember that life is precious. Lucky me, I don't have to worry about therapies and IEPs and the myriad of details that come with the WS territory. I just get to love her!

By the way, Uncle Dom turned 14 on February 15th. Of course we had to go out for dinner. Miss Ava came along and was a social butterfly. She did her best to respond to our repeated efforts to get her to say "Ma-ma". Yep, she replies with a loud and proud, "Bah!" She also sprouted about eight arms and managed to throw her toys, tip over my coffee, and choke herself on a spoon. Business as usual!

Love to all,


PS: Thought I would let you know before you saw it on the news: I am the father of Anna Nicole's baby.


Nancy said...

Okay, NOW who is spitting coffee all over her screen? Well, I'm glad that Anna Nicole mystery is cleared up. I trust you have notified Fox News.

CUTE photos. My mom says the same thing about being a gramma. You earned it...enjoy!

Kerry said...

Well, now Ava can grow up with your other little daughter!! :)

How lucky Ava is to have you... sounds like she's got her grandma wrapped around her little finger ;)

Lisa R said...

I guess Chris was lying when he told me it was his...:) My Mom also says nancy said you earned it :)

Every minute counts.... said...

You sound like you have what I wish I could come to have...the realization of how wonderful our kids really are. I am working hard to appreciate more and worry less!!

Ava and Abi must be ment to know one another! Abi's middle name is also MAE!!! Named after two of her great grandmas!