Monday, March 12, 2007

Granny Has Writer's Block

I haven't posted lately because I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. Every time I sit at the computer my mind goes blank. Tonight I decided the content of the post doesn't matter. It just seemed important to touch base and say "Hi".

Since I posted last I have a new office, a new nephew (actually a first cousin, once removed, but I am still Aunt Kimmy!), an extremely bad lipid profile, and a slightly deformed spine which causes me nasty aches and pains. My son's track team has started practicing, he's entered puberty-GOD HELP ME-and our phone never stops ringing. My mother is ornery, the cat has fleas, and my tires need rotating. It's a good thing they don't tell you in high school what "real life" is all about!

Ava Mae is doing really well. She is still a peanut, weighing in at a hefty 17 lbs. This week I will be taking her to her appointment with the geneticist. I am looking forward to the visit. Hopefully I will be able to quiet my mind long enough to compile a list of questions for him. I am seriously considering breaking into Dominick's Ritalin stash just to see if it will help me focus.

I have SO enjoyed reading everyone's posts. Sometimes it's the only "Me" time I get. If I get inspired sometime soon I will try to churn out a post with some substance. Wish me luck:-)


Nancy said...

Sometimes you just need to start typing, and it will come to you! I'm glad to see a new post and hope Ava's appointment goes well.

I hope your aches and pains subside, your LDL takes a healthy dive, your spine stops giving you grief, your mom chills, your son's puberty evens out, and your cat's fleas are soon evicted!

Hugs to you!

Kerry said...

I cracked up reading you post.. if you added your dog got shot and your bible was stolen, you'd be in for a country music song! :)

Sometimes life is so normal there's nothing to write about - I'm with you there! Thanks for checking in though - let us know what happens at the geneticist.

Nicole said...

Thanks so much posting. I love to hear from you even if it is about "nothing". Your "nothing" did make me laugh. Let us know about Ava's appointment.

Lisa R said...

Cute post...if we lived closer I would send chris on over to rotate the tires for ya :)

Sounds like your family is keeping you very busy

Aspen said...

I love the part about stealing the ritalin. Not sure if you watch Desperate Housewives, but that episode when she takes her sons drugs cracked me up. Very funny.

Kisses to your angel.